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Jill & Bobby's NE Minneapolis Engagement Session

It's a snowy day in Minneapolis today, and I can't help but think back to when the days were still long and the evening sun would glow like the world was on fire. I'm a Minnesotan through and through (in other words, I do love a good snowshoe session), but I think that also means that perfect fall days are also extra precious to me.

This was my first time spending time with Jill & Bobby as a couple, and it was such a treat! They are sweeter than sweet to each other, like in the way that you know they always put the other before themselves and are so very in-love. As with what normally happens on engagement sessions with my couples, I had them do a little off-roading (there was a spot by the Mississippi overlooking the Minneapolis skyline that had the most irresistible light), and since Jill had heeled boots on, Bobby just bent down and picked her up to help carry her through the tricky spots - it was so adorable, and her surprised expression made me laugh out loud! That's the kind of partner you want to walk through life with, isn't it??

I could keep writing about how great these two are as individuals and as a future Mr. & Mrs. (they are!), or about how excited I am to capture their 2018 wedding (I am!), but I'll stop here and let the images speak for themselves.

A HUGE shout-out to Jill & Bobby, and thank you times a million for trusting me to capture your love and one of the biggest moments in your life together!

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