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Greta & Alex | Rum River Barn & Vineyard Wedding

On yet another frigid January day in Minnesota, it seems only fitting to look back on warmer days. The weather here in Minnesota is always keeping us on our toes (which is why it's one of the best small-talk topics that exist), and Greta & Alex's late September wedding was no different. Fall took its sweet time in 2017 (I loved it!) and so the leaves were just starting to turn colors and their wedding day felt like 90 degrees (in fact, maybe it was...). Their wedding was just perfect, though - an outdoor ceremony surrounded by a grove of oak trees, candlelit dinner under a huge white tent, and cocktails in dancing under chandeliers and twinkle lights in the most beautiful old barn next to a vineyard (I could shoot at Rum River Barn & Vineyard every weekend of the year and still have a blast)! All the little details came together to create an awesome ambiance, but more important than all that was all the people that came together to celebrate their love. I've known Greta & Alex for years, and we (along with my husband Aaron) have all guided on extensive wilderness canoe trips. Going through guide training together and having those shared experiences had a tendency to create a really tight-knit community, and seeing lots of those people all together was such a blast!

These two are just such a good couple together - they balance each other out really well, and are destined for exciting adventures in their life side by side! It was an honor to capture their beautiful wedding day, and I hope you enjoy these photos from their day!


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