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A look at the year so far...

It's hard to believe that fall is in full swing here in Minnesota. It's 2023, but not for much longer! It felt like as soon as the weather got warmer in May, life picked up the pace. My calendar is a mashup of photo sessions, sports for my kiddo, family gatherings, appointments, and all the things. If I look at my camera roll, though, I see all the in-between moments that I love just as much - going to an infinite amount of playgrounds with my toddler, trips to local coffee shops and bakeries, walking around the block, chilling out at home...I am reminded of all the different parts of life, and how they're good in their own way. I love having things to look forward to (hence the crazy calendar situation), but I also love to just take it easy. It's a bit of a search for balance as always, but I don't think I'd have it any other way. This has been a wonderful, beautiful year of photographing families, newborns, and seniors. I always love looking through the work from the year and reminiscing about each session, the smiles and fun and laughter and quiet moments that all inevitably happen during each photo shoot. I love finding ways to connect with the people in front of my camera, and my hope is that those connections I foster both with you as my clients and between you as families together help to make images that you are proud and a little teary-eyed to look back on. Life is short, and it's a priceless gift to have your milestones captured! Here are some of my favorite images from the year thus far!



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